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 DOTA 2 for Trade

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PostSubject: DOTA 2 for Trade   DOTA 2 for Trade EmptyFri May 10, 2013 7:33 pm

This is my first post so im not sure how it works but... I got a DOTA 2 from a friend cause he was moving away so he bought me DOTA 2, however neither of us have played it and play other games now. ITS STILL IN MY INVENTORY READY FOR TRADE. I am looking for TWO (2) of the same game, one for pc and one for mac, because we now have separate systems. We like to play stuff like Awesomenauts or BattleField or COD, it doesnt have to be one of those of course. We prefer it to be something along the lines of Awesomenauts, ex: Coop, Multiplayer, something that you don't always have to take so seriously. I was thinking about Renegade Ops, but sadly its not for Mac Sad , but if you have a suggesstions just message me on here or on Steam, my Tag is xzbx112 my picture is a cartoon whale and motto is 'Brutallity Never ends.' Send me anything and if i think it will work ill send a message back, if not ill say thanks for the offer. Very Happy
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DOTA 2 for Trade
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